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AutoFTP Service

FTP special action

  • Special actions
  • Uploading site or folder
  • Downloading site or folder
  • Deleting site or folder
  • Renaming file or folder
  • Compression and Decompression
  • Upload, using wildcard characters
  • Download, using wildcard characters
  • File Names with the computer system date
  • Date format
    Uploading site or folder

    Uploading Site or Folder

    1. Connect to the remote site first and select both local and remote top folders for your transfer.
    2. On the View menu, click View Transfer Manager. Or, the toolbar click on the Transfer Manger button.
    3. In the Transfer Manager window, click Add Special button. It will display the Special Action dialog box.
    4. In the Action Type section select Upload Site. Verify the contents of the edit boxes (remote folder name, remote site name, local file folder name). Select the options you want (case sensitive, synchronize) and click OK.
    5. To save a transfer item as a transfer set click Save, in the future you will be able to execute the same transfer by clicking Load and selecting the same transfer set. To start the transfer click Start.


    Upload Site can be saved as a transfer set and used in scheduled transfers. To do this click Save before you start the transfer.


    In the Special Action dialog box if File Name is defined as *.* , all files (in the top folder and all sub-folders) are selected and will be transferred to the corresponding folders and sub-folders. Program creates automatically non-existing folders.To transfer only files with html extension just set File Name to *.html.


    In the Special Action dialog box if Synchronize option is checked the local and remote files (in the top folder and subfolders) are compared and only non-existing files or files with different local and remote size are transferred.

    Note: to preserve the size of the transferred files set the transfer mode to binary (Preferences / FTP Mode


    In the Special Action dialog box if Case Sensitive option is checked (not recommended) the function comparing files is case sensitive (for example, myfile.txt and MyFile.TXT are considered to be two different files). If you decide to use Case Sensitive option make sure you use Case Preserved option in Preferences / Transfers.



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