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AutoFTP Service

Scheduling, using transfer sets

  • Creating transfer sets, transfer queue
  • Scheduling auto-transfers
  • Loading transfer set
  • Saving transfer set
  • Service process
  • Creating transfer sets when not connected to the FTP site
  • Modifying the contents of the transfer set
    Scheduling auto-transfers

    Probably the most useful feature of PrimaSoft AutoFTP is the ability to schedule auto-transfers. With PrimaSoft AutoFTP you can schedule any number of FTP transfers for any future date and time. AutoFTP will automatically connect to the remote site(s), upload and download files and disconnect. It will also automatically reschedule auto-transfers when the line is busy or connection too slow.


    In order to schedule an auto-transfer you have to do the following:

    Create Transfer Set

    1. Connect to an FTP site.
    2. Locate the file folders on the remote and local systems and select files (or folders) for uploads and/or downloads.
    3. When selecting files for upload or download click with right-mouse button on the file and select Upload - Add To Transfer Manager or Download - Add To Transfer Manager command from the popup menu. Selected file will be added to the Transfer Manager file list (transfer set), this command will not open the Transfer Manager. You will be able to continue your transfer selection without switching between Transfer Manager and AutoFTP Main windows. (if by mistake you open Transfer Manager click on OK to close it, the transfer selection will not be lost)

    4. Repeat step 1,2, and 3. You can also connect to other ftp sites and select more files and folders for upload and download.
    5. Once you have finished adding items open Transfer Manager. On the View menu, click View Transfer Manager or click on the Transfer Manager button
    6. Transfer Manager lists all files selected for transfer in steps 1,2, and 3.
    7. Save the transfer set by clicking on the Save button in the Transfer Manager window. In the Save Transfer Set window enter descriptive name for your transfer set and click OK.
    8. In the Transfer Manager click on the Clear to clear the content of the Transfer Manager. To test your transfer set you can click Load and then select your newly created transfer set in the Load Transfer Set window.
    9. Click again Clear to clear the content and then OK to close Transfer Manager.


    Schedule auto transfer

    1. On the View menu, click View Transfer Scheduler or on the toolbar click .
    2. In the Transfer Scheduler window click New.
    3. In the Schedule Item window select transfer set in the Transfer Set box, then select Date, Time. Click OK.



    Make sure you leave your computer turned on and PrimaSoft AutoFTP loaded in order for scheduled auto-transfer to take place.


    If you run AutoFTP Service then exit application. You only use AutoFTP with full interface to define and schedule your auto-recurring transfers.


    If you do not want to be disturbed by already scheduled auto-transfers select Pause Auto Transfers option. Pause Auto Transfers option (File/Preferences) allows you to disable Auto Transfers when you are in the full version of AutoFTP.


    Auto-transfers are more reliable if you run them in Stealth Mode.



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