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Frequently Asked Questions

Problem, Error
Topic Question
Connection Auto FTP does not connect. What can I do?
Error Message Error Message: =The ordinal 508 could not be located in the dynamic link library RASPI32.DLL=
Error Message (Auto FTP Service) I cannot download a file when AutoFtp is running as a Service and I am logged off. The error message in the log says: the local file could not be opened.
Topic Question
Subdirectories Can Auto FTP transfer subdirectories or the entire site?
Broken Transfers Can Auto FTP resume broken transfers?
Command Line Does Auto FTP accept command-line parameters?
File Names Does FTP software offer the change of a file that will be downloaded from the scheduler?
Mapped Drive (Auto FTP Service) Cannot upload/download a file from/to a mapped drive
Topic Question
Zip, Unzip Can Auto FTP zip and unzip files?
Service Application Can Auto FTP be run as an "NT Service Application"?
Wildcard Characters How to use wildcard characters?



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