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Can AutoFtp transfer subdirectories or the entire site?

Starting from version 3.4, Auto FTP Premium and Auto FTP Service can UPLOAD subdirectories. There is an option in Transfer Manager: "Include Subdirectories". If this option is checked and wildcards are used files matching the wildcard from the selected directory and all subdirectories are included in the transfer. If zip option is checked as well the files from subdirectories will be included in the zip file. AutoFTP will not recreate directory structure on the server. All files will be uploaded to one selected directory. If you select "ZIP Uploaded Files" and "Store Directories" the archive file will contain information about directory structure from your client computer.

AutoFtp cannot DOWNLOAD subdirectories recursively. AutoFtp can transfer one directory at a time - just use "*.*" as a file name (Edit function in FTP Transfer Manager window). In this case you will have to define download for each directory (subdirectory) and save it as a transfer set for future reuse.



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