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AutoFTP Professional - Version History

Version 4.8
Released July, 2007
New Features:
  • New Help System.
  • Internal bug fixes.

Version 4.7
Released February, 2007
New Features:
  • Some internal bug fixes.

Version 4.6
Released February, 2006
New Features:
  • Scheduled transfers stopped running on some Windows systems. This problem has been fixed.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented the user from renaming or deleting a folder that was last used during the transfer.

Version 4.5
Released June, 2005
New Features:
  • Restart On Errors option (File/Preferences/Auto Transfers). When checked causes AutoFtp to restart itself when there are too many errors.
  • New options in Email Setup window: Some SMTP servers may require some form of authentication or login before an email message can be sent. Another new option in Email Setup window is Message Body template.
  • When the user changes some of the connection settings such as User Name, Password, Remote Host Address, or Port he/she will have an option to update all Transfer Sets that use this connection.
  • Some bug fixes that make AutoFTP more stable.

Version 4.4
Released December, 2004
New Features:
  • Reported problems corrected.

Version 4.3
Released September, 2004
New Features:
  • New Backup function creates a backup of all ftp connections, transfer sets, scheduled transfers and options.
  • Faster loading of the log files and faster log filters.
  • Improved stability.

Version 4.2
Released August, 2004
New Features:
  • New Filter function in Log window.
  • Hot keys in the main window. Alt-U for Upload and Alt-D for Download.
  • Reported problems corrected.

Version 4.1
Released March, 2004
New Features:
  • Loading a log file doesn't use all processor power anymore.
  • New Load Log on Startup option in File/Preferences (useful when you have a very large log file).
  • New Short Log option in File/Preferences (useful when you have frequent file transfers and don't want your log files to become huge). When checked mostly errors are logged.
  • New Load function in Log window allows you to load log files from different days.
  • New Stop function in Log window is useful when you are loading a large log file and you want to abort this process.
  • Monthly Transfers now support a range: From and To options (Schedule Item Window).
  • Improved wildcards option. When you use wildcards you can now change the names of the transferred files. For example, if you are uploading *.htm files and set the remote file name to 123*.htm all files will get 123 prefix, or if you are downloading *.htm files and set the local file name to *.html all downloaded files will get html extension. Transfer Item.

Version 4.0
Released January, 2004
New Features:
  • Added UNC (Universal Naming Convention) support. It is no longer necessary to map network drives to local drives in order to upload files from and download files to network folders. The network can be browsed in the top panel of the main window in the same way as in Windows Explorer.

Version 3.9
Released October, 2003
New Features:
  • Improved reliability. Reported errors corrected. Compatibility with Windows 2003 operating system corrected.
  • New Pause/Resume popup menu option in Transfer Scheduler window allows pausing and resuming selected transfers.
  • Improved First Transfer At feature. Time setting in "First Transfer At" determines the start for the transfers. For example, if Time is set to 08:00 a scheduled transfer will be active between 8 am and midnight and always stop between midnight and 8 am. Enter 00:01 into the Time edit box if you want to make transfers run continually.
  • Improved Logging feature. Log files are stored in "logs" subdirectory with one log file per day.

Version 3.8
Released June, 2003
New Features:
  • Maintenance release.

Version 3.7
Released April, 2003
New Features:
  • New Date Format option: the program's date will not depend on the possible future changes of the date style/format in your Windows operating system.

Version 3.6
Released February, 2003
New Features:
  • Maintenance release: some bugs and memory leaks corrected.

Version 3.5
Released November, 2002
New Features:
  • Maintenance release: some bugs and memory leaks corrected.

Version 3.4
Released August, 2002
New Features:
  • New and more reliable logging engine was created.
  • New Passive Mode option (File/Preferences/Proxy): now FTP works regardless of proxy settings.
  • Some bugs were eliminated.

Version 3.3
Released April, 2002
New Features:
  • New Send Email ONLY when errors option for scheduled transfers. Email notification messages are sent only when there were errors in the auto-transfer.

Version 3.2
Released February, 2002
New Features:
  • New No Logging option allows you to disable Activity Log file.
  • Reported problems corrected.

Version 3.1
Released December, 2001
New Features:
  • New Stealth Mode - accessible through the main menu (File/Stealth Mode) or through a popup menu on the AutoFtp icon. The Stealth Mode can run Auto Transfers without an overhead of the user interface (it takes less resources and is more reliable).
  • New "Pause Auto Transfers" option (File/Preferences) allows you to disable Auto Transfers when you are in the full version of AutoFtp.

Version 3.0
Released September, 2001
New Features:
  • New FTP engine.
  • Better support for proxy servers.

Version 2.6
Released April, 2001
New Features:
  • Improved reliability with interrupted transfers and some error conditions.
  • Corrected problem with upper-case/lower-case file names on the local system.
  • Decreased the minimum auto-transfer interval to 2 minutes.

Version 2.5
Released January, 2001
New Features:
  • Improved scheduler.
  • Improved ftp engine.
  • Reported errors corrected.

Version 2.4
Released March, 2000
New Features:
  • New Auto-Restart Option.
  • Better support for registered users with access to the Internet: new Online Update function and new Online "Database Template" Download function.
  • Maintenance release.

Version 2.3
Released November, 1999
New Features:
  • Maintenance release. Reported errors corrected (on systems with Windows NT).
  • Improved scheduling.

Version 2.2, 2.1, 2.0
Released June, 2000
New Features:
  • Version 2.2 (August 21, 99): Maintenance release. Reported errors corrected. New: support for Windows NT servers.
  • Version 2.0 (June 17, 99): Completely New FTP Engine - fixes compatibility and installation problems; 2. New Scheduling Options: a) Run Application when Auto-Transfer is completed. b) Send Email Notification when Auto-Transfer is completed. 3. New Option in Transfer Preferences: Add Timestamp to file name.

Version 1.0-1.5
Released 1998
New Features:
  • Version 1.5b (December 16, 98): New option for displaying hints. Reported problems corrected;
  • Version 1.5 (September 24, 98): New options in the Transfer Scheduler. Reported problems corrected;
  • Version 1.4 (August 12, 98): Maintenance release (reported problems corrected);
  • Version 1.2 (June 02, 98): Auto Ftp Professional Edition, first release: 1. Flexible Scheduling e.g. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.; 2. Support for Wildcard Characters e.g. *.* will transfer entire directory; 3. Support for Firewalls/Proxy Servers; 4. Added support for symbolic directories (with -> pointer character); 5. Update Option (transfer when source and target files are different); 6. Delete Source Option (delete the source file after a successful transfer); 7. Log Printing; 8. Improved User Interface; 9. Added Sounds.



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