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FTP Backup.

Backup function creates a backup of all ftp connections, transfer sets, scheduled transfers and software options.

You can use backup feature in the following situation:
  • Make a backup copy of all the information (setup files) in case you have to restore it.
  • If you have a large number of client computers that transfer similar files from/to the same folder(s) on your ftp server computers. You can define setup files (ftp transfer sets and scheduled transfers) on one computer and then send and use them on all other computers.
    1. Define transfer sets and scheduled transfers on one computer.
    2. Use backup feature to copy all the setup files to a backup folder.
    3. Send content of the backup folder to all client computers.
    4. On all client computers copy the setup files to the application folder.
    Note: In some cases you do not need to send all backup files. Example: you do not have to send connect.ini file if client computers use different connection parameters (passwords, user names). In most cases you will have to update the following files: $#xxxxxx.dat, master.dat, and schedule.dat.
  • Save complicated transfer sets and scheduled transfers as sessions for future reference or reuse. If you have a large number of different transfer sets and scheduled transfers maybe you would like to group them into sessions.
    1. Define tranfer sets and scheduled transfers.
    2. Save it using the backup feature.
    3. Create a new folder (example: SessionName).
    4. Copy all files from the backup folder to your new folder.
    5. Repeat above steps for all other sessions.



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