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AutoFTP Service

Background, log, backup, more

  • Stealth mode, background transfers
  • Hiding AutoFTP
  • Memorizing remote file folders
  • Displaying an activity Log
  • FTP Backup
    Stealth mode, background transfers

    Stealth Mode

    The Stealth Mode can run automated transfers without an overhead of the user interface (it takes less resources and is more reliable). It is recommended to run all scheduled transfers (especially over a long period of time) in Stealth Mode.


    To access Stealth Mode

    • On the File menu, click Stealth Mode or click with right mouse button on the AutoFTP icon and select Stealth Mode from the popup menu.
    • Click with right mouse button on the AutoFTP icon and select Show AutoFTP from the popup menu to switch to a regular mode.


    To start AutoFtp in Stealth Mode

    • To start AutoFtp in Stealth Mode automatically when you reboot your system create a shortcut to Stealth.exe file in Windows Startup folder.


    To check the status of all transfers that took place during the Stealth Mode session

    • Select through the main menu View/View Log. Check all messages in the Log Window.
    • You can set in your auto-transfers "Send Email Message To" option.


    To avoid launching auto transfers when in the full version of AutoFtp check the option Pause Auto Transfers in Preferences window.


    Stealth Mode should not be confused with Hidden Mode (File/Hide) which simply hides all AutoFtp windows.



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