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Upload and Download Site

Upload and Download Site (Folder) allows you to transfer the entire content from the selected folder/directory.

Upload and Download Site/Folder with Synchronize allows you to "mirror" folders and directories between local and remote computers. It is very useful function for updating Web sites, mirroring FTP servers, backing up the entire content from the selected directories, or automatically updating contents of the local computers and servers.

How to use Upload and Download Site/Folder:

1. Connect to the remote site.
1. Select the local top folder (A).
2. Select the remote top folder (B).
3. On the View (C) menu click Transfer Manager, or on the toolbar click Transfer Manager button (C).

ftp upload download

4. In the Transfer Manager dialog box click Add Special (D) button.
ftp special action

5. In the Action Type section select Upload Site or Download Site (E). Select the options you want (case sensitive, synchronize) and click OK.
ftp special action, select upload or download

5. To start the transfer click Start (F).
ftp transfer manager

Note: Both Upload Site and Download Site can be saved as a transfer set and used in scheduled transfers. To do this click Save (G) before you start the transfer.



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